Announcement of Large Scale Agile focused 59th


Agile practices has proven them in Start-ups and in projects for small teams. But can Agile practices be useful in Large Scale projects?

Come to figure it out at  28th September 18:30, Zaļā iela 1, 4th floor (Microsoft Latvia office).

Agenda for Large Scale Agile focused 59th

  • Alek Kozlov from will give a talk “How to Make Goal-Oriented Objective Decisions faster”
    This session is an introduction into Make “Goal-Oriented Objective Decisions” (mGOOD) framework. mGOOD is systematical approach for making good money/decisions/lives systematically in our highly competitive, hostile and ever changing Business environment.
    mGOOD shows how your company’s Business Goal and Cost of Delay are positioning your company offerings on the market.
    mGOOD provide you, your team, your company with extremely fast guidance on useful strategies, needed skills, tools (eg. Scrum, Less, Kanban, SLA, ITIL) and risks that should be considered.
    It was useful for large organisations having many products, for organisation purchasing product development services from Software Development houses and was proved to be extremely useful for Public Sector organisations.
    (Language — English)
    Tags: Business Goal, Cost of Delay, Business Agility, System thinking, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Less, Kanban, ITIL, Lean StartUp, Hypotheses, Experiments, procurement.

Alek is a Product Strategist and Organisational Coach helping organisations to decentralize control without losing economical alignment (translation: I’m helping leaders to earn good money, build trust in people judgment and not becoming a jackass-dictator)

  • Filips Jeļisejevs from Also Cloud Latvia will give a talk “Automating away your Product Owner”
    Is your project so large that Product Owner just does not cope? Are your business people not engaged? Do your stakeholders regularly miss demo’s because they are busy?
    (Language — English)
    Tags: Voting, Feature Prioritization

Filips – Agile enthusiast who has been a SCRUM Master before it was cool. Hobbyist of behavioral economics, has worked in companies big and small, but still a believer that biggest challenge in software development is people.

  • Kārlis Cinis from Tieto Latvia will give a talk “Scaling with LeSS”
    Have you ever thought about scaling Scrum? Scrum is nice and beautiful framework for one team – a team that is working closely together, is self-managing, cross-functional with T-shaped competences and has shared responsibility for team’s work. But what if you want more of this beauty? How should you scale?
    I will explain basics behind Scrum scaling framework called LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) and share some experience about implementing it.
    (Language — Latvian)
    Tags: LeSS, Scaling, Agile, Scrum

Kārlis is Scrum Master at Tieto for almost 2 years now and has been participating in implementing LeSS in Tieto Retail Payments and Cards from the start. He also has over 10 years of experience in the role of project manager. Kārlis is passionate about hiking in mountains, running and having a long sleep on Saturday mornings.


FYI – For people who want to learn the deep roots of Agile – there are few places left to Advanced Agile Development Masterclass by Dr Alistair Cockburn. Use DevClubLV as a code to get 150 Eur discount.


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Did you know that Tieto Latvia is not only always looking for a new talents but we also run various interest clubs? We are proud of our strategic board games club, motor-bike club, active lifestyle club etc. Join the team:
Senior Database Administrator (PostgreSQL or MySQL)
Product Manager for Database Platforms
Database Administrator


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PL/SQL Developer with .Net skills
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