For Speakers

Presentation format and suggestions:

  • “Fellow shares with fellows”
  • Edutainment (Education + Entertainment)
  • Involve the audience (ask questions, play games etc.)
  • Tell stories and use metaphors
  • Jokes are very welcome
  • Show pictures and videos
  • Share your own experience (both failures and achievements), not colleagues
  • If it goes along with the theme – show code, some code examples and you can show work with the code at the place if necessary
  • Font size: for example, if Font is Corbel then Font size can not be less than 24, because of visibility of presentation. When you use other Fonts adjust their size so they would be visible for the audience from the distance
  • Avoid huge text blocks, better use key words and short sentences

Please remember that the presentation format is fellow shares with fellow, so here are some great examples – “mandatory literature”:

Jestremskis example about BOT:
It shows that the content of the presentation itself not necessarily need to be so valuable, if only the speaker shares their experience and their “hunter stories” and just simply captivates the audience emotionally.

3 thoughts on “For Speakers”

  1. Hi, can give a talk on some of this topics:
    – Setting up a Perfect Mobile Delivery Pipeline
    – Mutants Allowed: A Story About Mutation Testing
    – RESTful Services and How to Test Them


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