For sponsors

Sponsor’s benefits:

  • increased recognition of sponsor and/or its product,
  • more better quality candidates to sponsor’s vacancies
  • increased recognition of sponsor in LV IT community as IT employer, who cares for employees interests,
  • guaranteed place for 5 sponsor’s employees to event.


  • opportunity to demonstrate sponsor’s product (max 5 min presentation),
  • opportunity to suggest topic or speaker,
  • opportunity to place sponsor’s logo, handouts and information on vacancies:
    • at the event, (in average 90 visitors per event)
    • event’s launching presentation,
    • at web page, (more than 10,600 unique visitors per year)
    • announcement and reminder of event (sent to all the people who have been registered for previous events of (more than 3000 people in mailing list)
  • opportunity to participate in event with sponsor’s booth and communicate with attendants of event
  • opportunity to play a competition for visitors of event and collect their contact information,
  • opportunity to support increasing of knowledge of Latvian IT community and sponsor’s employees,
  • opportunity to demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Sponsor has responsibility to provide all promotional materials at the venue of the event.

Sponsorship fee;
1 year (12 events) = 4800 Eur
2 years (24 events) with 10% discount = 8650 Eur

info [at]
Mob: +371 26326633

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