What is DevClub.lv

What is DevClub.lv

DevClub.lv is community of LV IT specialists. We are gathering on Monthly events, discussing for LV IT developers important topics and sharing of experience. 2-3 topics are provided at every event with coffee/beer brakes for networking and communication. Events are Free to attend for everybody. Presentations have been filmed and are available on our website. Presentation language – English, Latvian or Russian – depending on which feels more convenient for the speaker. Please find the videos from our previous events at Video page.

How we choose Topics?

Every month organizers of DevClub have “Content committee” meeting where topics as well as potential speakers are discussed and selected for next DevClub.

Who are Organizers?

DevClub.lv is open community and that mean that if you want to participate in organization of DevClub you are very welcome. We want that at Organization committee of DevClub would be presented different kind of LV IT developers/specialists to provide wide understanding of needs of community.

Mob: +371 26326633

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