Announcement of Covid-19 focused 89th ONLINE

For more than half a year, Covid-19 has been impacting our lives tremendously. In Latvia, 2 applications have been developed in order to help limit the spread of coronavirus. Various opinions have been expressed regarding the use of these applications and how Covid-19 restrictions are impacting society’s psyche. We’d like to have an open discussion about these issues, therefore we have invited the developers of these applications to tell us more about the technical side of these apps, as well as the overall goal. We have also invited a psychotherapist who is going to tell us whether if and how Covid-19 restrictions are impacting us and how to deal with them.

You are welcome to Covid-19 focused 89th on October 29 at 18:00.

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Agenda for Covid-19 focused 89th

  • Uģis Lazdiņš from MAK IT will give a talk about the “Apturi Covid” application and its significance in slowing virus spread.
    Uģis will talk about the contact tracing as one of the ways to trace and control the spread of virus. He will also introduce different approaches of the tracing algorithms, their privacy tradeoffs, and the technical details of the Apple-Google Exposure Notification framework, that is currently used as a core algorithm of “Apturi Covid”
    (Language – Latvian)
    Tags: Contact tracing, Bluetooth, Covid19

    Uģis is a Mobile app development lead and is working at MAK IT for 5 years. He has been involved on more than 20 different application development process.
  • Raitis Zvejnieks from Efumo will talk about the system, why it is needed and how to get from the idea to the result within a month.
    (Language – Latvian)
    Tags: Covidpass, Covid19

    Raitis is CEO of Business Instruments and is a systems architect.
  • Psychotherapist Ernests Pūliņš-Cinis will give a talk about “Mental health crisis due to Covid-19
    He will explain the “how” and “why” Covid-19 and consequently social distancing is affecting our lives. Following that he will tell about what we can do on individual level to help ourselves and those around us to get over this mental health crisis. During discussion Ernests aims to explore difficulties that on individual, family and society levels.
    (Language – Latvian)
    Tags: mental health, covid-19

    Ernests is a certified psychotherapist who has practised psychotherapy for the last 4 years.

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