Announcement of CTO level focused 90th ONLINE

Christmas is coming and DevOps Unicorns 2020 as well (already November 25), therefor November’s is a bit earlier. This time we will have CTO level content (experience sharing about decisions different CTOs have to make).
You are welcome to CTO level focused 90th on November 12 at 18:00.
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Agenda for CTO level focused 90th

  • Edgars Peics from Printify will give a talk “Technology enabled platform revolution”.
    Do you pay for affiliate and SEO traffic for your product or service? Are your product or service offered through any marketplace? Has competition increased because of your on-line presence? Already single YES should indicate your product or service being taken hostage by massively scalable technological platforms. 
    Talk will feature years of first hand experience and technological challenges to get architecture, tech stack and organisation right to deliver on platform viral promise. 
    Come and see for yourself how dangerously quickly platforms including Printify are revolutionising the world! 
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Big Data, Data Streaming, Hazelcast Jet, Stream Processing, Open Data

    Edgars – constantly curious engineer and technologist with 25+ years of rich experience making banks, telcos, gambling and printing companies successful through productising their dreams into tangible services. Currently Chief Technology Officer at Printify, an e-commerce platform connecting merchants and print providers. 
  • Filips Jeļisejevs from Sonarworks will give a talk “Cautionary tales about architecture decisions“.
    Some folk tales that maybe can teach us something about software architecture decisions. May or may not be based in real life :)
    (Language – English)
    Tags: SW Architecture, war-stories

    Filips – been in software development for almost 20 years both in large enterprises and small startups.
  • Erik Kaju from TransferWisewill share his experience “From 0 to Million customers. The technical journey“.
    Building any successful and quickly growing product includes a chain of numerous choices related to technical architecture, selection of technology, implementation roadmap, product org, team setup etc. Erik will cover his latest experience of growing a little proof of concept side project into a global product. He will pick a few memorable choices and tell about tech and org transformation on the journey from launch to first million customers worldwide.
    (Language – English)

    Erik – has spent years building different parts of global fintech unicorn TransferWise. His goal is growing strong product engineering organisations that create impactful products
  • Hanno Jarvet from Jarvet Consulting will give a talk “Introduction to: How to predict and manage towards multiple futures.”
    The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed. (William Gibson) Technology is now an integral part of any organisation’s future. This places new demands on CIOs and CTOs to:
    – constantly increase productivity while reducing costs
    – align the IT organisation and the technology behind the business vision
    – support different stakeholders with their ever increasing needs in different contexts.
    Historically strategies, roadmaps and business plans were used to communicate intent. Now there is a better way to bridge the gap between business and IT, predict the future and to help get everyone on the same page.
    If you understand your value chain and the evolution of technology, a multitude of events can even be predicted and prepared for. I will share practical examples, tools and models that I have used to help organisations make progress in predicting and adapting for the future.
    – Common economic patterns: e.g. why DevOps is the new legacy.
    – Strategic situational awareness: How to predict the actions of your global competition.
    – Applying doctrine.
    – Achieving consensus on technology selection.
    – Choosing contextually appropriate methods (Agile, Waterfall, Lean etc.).
    – Achieving a common vocabulary with all stakeholders. – Managing the current situation towards multiple futures.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: agile, strategy execution, product development, organisational structure, hierarchy, networks, process improvement

    Hanno helps companies to dramatically improve performance. Since 2006 he has helped dozens of companies and software teams improve their processes and productivity. He has worked with such industries as telecom, IT, outdoor media, government, non-profit, education, banking, insurance and energy.

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