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You are welcome to Data Transfer focused 99th on October 28 at 18:00.
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Agenda for Data Transfer focused 99th

  • Anna Sundukova from Accenture will give a talk on Li-Fi – innovative, secure and green networking technology“.
    This will be a broad overview and introduction to Li-Fi technology – that is high speed, bi-directional and networked wireless communication. As we all know, there are quite a lot of problems that Wi-Fi is facing right now when everything needs to be connected, and it does not seem that current idea of 5G is the only solution for that. So, let’s get a bit more familiar how light can actually become a data and see if it is a future replacement of Wi-Fi.
    (Language: English)
    Tags: Li-Fi, web through light, environmental friendly,  health safe and secure connectivity

    Anna is a Junior Analyst in Custom Software Engineering team of Accenture, who just started her first steps in IT universe.

  • Viesturs Rīdiņš from MikroTik in Latvia will give a talk Insight of wireless technologies“.
    This talk will touch on different aspects of wireless technologies in the unlicensed frequency spectrum and mobile network technologies. How to build a wireless link, what device is the right choice and how to make your mobile home router perform better, and what are the main differences between LTE and 5G.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: 802.11a/n/ac, 802.11ad, LTE, 5G

    Viesturs is a Senior Wireless testing engineer at MikroTik in Latvia with 7 years of experience in wireless technologies.
  • Rūdolfs Kreicbergs from LMT will give a talk “How quantum technologies affect network security today“.
    This talk will discuss some of the ways quantum technologies are already impacting network security standards and requirements. To understand the impact, we need to start with the basics (ciphers and other cryptograhic functions, protocols, standards, etc) and their usage in various solutions (KPI-based handshakes, streamed data integrity validation, secure static content delivery, etc.). Quantum computers have been known for a while as a security threat – but it’s not so straight forward, nor is the industry unprepared for this. Will discuss how post-quantum cryptography addresses the risks and how quantum technologies such as quantum key distribution (QKD) can improve the security of future systems. Lastly, will brief on a collaboration project with LU MII to use quantum key distribution (QKD) over LMT optical cables for encrypting real-life data.
    This talk does not require prior cryptography knowledge, but understanding the basics may help.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: quantum technologies, cryptography, security

    Rūdolfs Kreicbergs is a hands-on engineering manager with a background in mathematics, cryptography, application security and web-based systems. Having experienced various technical roles as software engineer, data analyst, cryptoanalyst and software architect, Rūdolfs advocates for simplicity and efficiency both in architecture and in development processes. He believes companies needs more focus on sustainable engineering culture to enable the engineers to achieve the architecture goals we all love to talk about. For Rūdolfs, the answer is simple – provide mastery, autonomy and purpose, and the engineers will do the rest.

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