Announcement of DevOps focused 58th


DevOps – is it just a buzz word or you can really do it? We invited three experienced guys to share their experience how they have succeeded with DevOps.

See you at 24th August 18:30, Zaļā iela 1, 4th floor (Microsoft Latvia office).

Agenda for DevOps focused 58th

  • Ilgvars Jēcis from FinoTech will give a talk “Practical DevOps by a small team of devs”
    Are you in the project which needs ten thousand auto-scaled docker containers on Kubernetes in a multi-regional AWS deployment?
    Right.. we also have never done that. Nevertheless, you still might need DevOps ‘magic’ to deliver those boring everyday IT projects on time and budget.
    I will tell our journey with DevOps at a small IT shop and share tools & practices we have tried and which of them were useful and which were total overkill.
    (Language — English)
    Tags: keep-it-simple, lean, automation, ansible, postgres, google cloud, continuous delivery

Ilgvars is founder & developer at FinoTech. He’s been working in IT field for more than 15 years and still kind of enjoys it. Things he likes even more: cooking & eating, few sports activities and finally beer.

  • Daniel Houston from Accenture will give a talk “Building DevOps pipelines for scale: Supporting infrastructure for 1000’s of build pipelines with 4 developers”
    Everyone talks about how the want to adopt DevOps practices for building their code, but time and time again I hear “We don’t have the resources” or “We tried it and the developers found it more effort than use.”
    We’ll talk about how providing your own IaC platforms using Docker, Jenkins and Ansible can help the amount of projects your DevOps engineers can support scale nearly indefinitely; how it helps to educate your developers and how we went from some teams not even using CI, to it only taking a matter of hours to produce releasable binaries.
    (Language — English)
    Tags: DevOps, Jenkins, Docker, CI, CD, CM

Daniel is a DevOps Tech lead in Accenture Riga, he moved to Latvia from the UK in July.
Daniel was a part of the founding DevOps team in IBM, Cambridge, where he supported the build and test infrastructure, as well as producing tooling for the development of multiple enterprise level products. Through DevOps practices, Daniel managed to reduce the time it took IBM Cambridges documentation team to produce releasable deliverables from weeks down to a matter of hours.
Daniel worked in IBM for around 5 years, while he was there he took part in a number of patent groups, He is a named inventor on an Intelligent route navigation patent  and has some patents awaiting publish.

  • Chris Willmore from SaleMove will give a talk “Dive into Kubernetes”
    Kubernetes has burst onto the scene to become the pre-eminent containerized application orchestration system.
    Chris will quickly introduce you to core Kubernetes concepts, then dive into how at SaleMove engineers migrated 30+ services over to the system. We’ll talk about what worked, what didn’t, and how you can take the leap and get the most out of Kubernetes.
    (Language — English)
    Tags: Kubernetes, Microservices, Distributed Systems, Containers, AWS

Chris is VP of Engineering at SaleMove, where engineers are revolutionizing the online customer experience. Chris began his career working in Silicon Valley and London with Yahoo!. After moving to Tartu, Estonia, he ran a small development firm building systems for Shazam (the worlds most popular music recognition app) (his team designed and built the content ingestion system bringing music, lyrics, and artwork into Shazam).
Recent cool projects his team has been working on:
– Incorporating IBM’s Watson to power recommendations for Sales and Customer Care
– Their customer engagement system recently went live on – You can buy a Tesla or SolarCity solar panels using their system.
When not working, he enjoys scifi literature and keeping his garden weed-free. For the past 4 years, Chris has helped run the Tartu Software Developers Guild.


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