Announcement of FrontCon focused 85th VIRTUAL


In our life April is month of FrontCon and we are lucky to have two more FrontCon speakers at DevClub plus Toms will share his experience how he manages to work from home with 3 kids.

After last (which was 1st online meetup in history of universe) some attendees suggested to make channel where you – attendees can discuss presentations and probably other issues as well. Therefore we made Slack channel. Everybody is welcome to join.

You are welcome to FrontCon focused 85th on April 30 at 18:00.
Please register in Eventbrite and we will send you the link to the VIRTUAL EVENT a couple of days in advance.

Agenda for 85th

  • Doug Sillars will give a talk “Video Killed My Data Plan: Delivering video that doesn’t break the web“. Don’t be confused that talk with similar title was presentet at FrontCon 2019, now it is 100% rewritten.
    Video is one of the fastest growing mediums on the web and in mobile applications. Video files have been shown to increase engagement, and can be a great way to deliver your message quickly. (And who doesn’t love animated GIFs?)
    However, video that takes a long time to start up leads to frustration and abandonment. The same goes for video that stalls during playback. In this talk, you’ll learn best practices to optimize the delivery of your video to you customers, ensuring fast delivery and minimizing stalls for a great customer experience.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Web performance, video, web video

    Doug is a freelance mobile performance expert, studying the intersection of media and web performance. A Google Developer Expert and the author of O’Reilly’s “High Performance Android Apps,” Doug regularly speaks at conferences, and blogs at He is currently working as a freelance digital nomad, traveling with his family in Europe.  
  • Marta Wiśniewska will give a talk “Top 10 tools loved by Angular Developers“.
    Have you ever wondered how to build Angular apps faster for less effort? How to use tools and open-source projects to improve your efficiency as a developer?
    It’s time to supercharge your Developer Experience! Let me introduce the set of amazing tools you need to know to work more productively!
    I will present 10 practical solutions for Angular Developers to make your daily life easier. I will show you the top tools to boost app performance. I will tell you about proven UI libraries to make your app beautiful, reusable and easy to create. We will also focus on simple ways to help you with static code analysis, debugging and testing. Despite, I will show you a playground for your code. The tools for live-coding to play with the code quickly and without the need to worry about the environment.
    Grab these tips and tricks and become a highly effective programmer!
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Angular, Developer Experience, Web Performance, Developers Tools

    Marta is a Google Developer Expert in Angular and Web Technologies from Poland. She is an international speaker, blogger, enthusiast of Angular, PWA, hybrid apps who loves exploring new web features and following hottest trends in tech. Marta is passionate about sharing knowledge in the community and spreading her love for tech. Currently, she satisfies herself as an organizer in Women Techmakers Warsaw and Google Developers Group Warsaw and PWA Fire co-creator.
  • Toms Eisaks from Accenture  will share experience on “Me, my kids and working from home“.
    I will share my experience how I handle, or not, working from home, together with my three awesome copies, two boys 4,5 and 3 and girl 3. In these very interesting times can be useful for every family who is looking to answer – how to do it.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Family, Kids, Work, Home, workfromhome

    Toms is DevOps Engineer at Accenture Latvia, on daily bases consulting and helping clients to implement DevOps solutions, specializing on AWS Cloud and Ansible Configuration Management.

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