Announcement of Generative AI focused 127th


Yet another thrilling journey with our upcoming event, where we’ll delve into Generative AI, the next frontier of transformative technology, unlocking a world of creativity and innovation!

This time we meet on a Wednesday!

You are welcome to Generative AIfocused event on WEDNESDAY – February 28th 18:30, at C.T.Co office – Meistaru iela 33, Valdlauci, Kekavas parish, Kekavas district, LV-1076, Latvia

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Agenda for Generative AI focused 127th

  • Antons Mislēvičs from C.T.Co will give a talk on “So you want to be a Machine Learning engineer in the age of Generative AI and Large Language Models?“.
    ChatGPT was released in the end of 2022 and immediately grasped a lot of attention. People started discussing what “magical” things it can do, how it is the first AI that “understands” our world, and that soon it will leave many people without their jobs. It quickly went even to extremes, that such technology is dangerous, and should be banned or controlled by governments. In this session we will analyze what of this is hype and what is real. We will look into what the technology behind ChatGPT is (Large Language Models, Generative AI), and how such AI models are being trained. This will help us to better understand what such models can do, what are some common problems, and what you should be aware of when introducing such models in your projects. In addition, we plan to discuss what the raise of Generative AI and Large Language Models means for Machine Learning engineers – what are the core challenges, and some foundational technologies/concepts you should be familiar with.
    Tags: : Generative AI, Large Language Models, Machine Learning, ML Engineering

    Antons is a Head of AI / Machine Learning at C.T.Co. Before joining C.T.Co he spent 10 years working as a technical consultant at Microsoft Consulting Services. He had participated in various projects of different scale and complexity in over 15 countries, designing solution architectures and supporting developers. Antons holds a PhD degree in Engineering of Computer Systems and is a regular speaker at conferences and community events.
  • Antons Kranga from EPAM will talk about “Building conversational language agents with Autogen.”
    Autogen is an open-source tool that empowers AI engineers to build multi-agent conversations, enabling group chats using LLM-backed agents, a user and tools to solve specific problems. Many researchers believe this is the next frontier of applications beyond RAG. Join us if you’re interested in learning about the current state of COALA agents, along with their advantages and limitations.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: AI, LLM, RAG, Autogen, CoALA agents

    Antons has over 20 years of experience in Engineering: maintaining open sources, and helping global businesses deploy their infrastructure more efficiently.
  • Dmitry Balabka from Intexsys will share his experience inFine-tuning Large Language Models,
    focusing on the hands-on process of preparing datasets and fine-tuning models for a specific business task. This session will cover dataset preparation, model fine-tuning, and cloud ML accelerators like TPUs and related libraries. It’s aimed at those seeking hands-on knowledge in applying ML techniques.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, Large Language Models

    Dmitry has extensive experience in software engineering and architecture, later shifting his focus to machine learning, where he founded and now leads the ML team. His academic research in Human Activity Recognition highlights his deep understanding of AI. As a passionate advocate for AI and ML, Dmitry is always eager to engage in professional discussions and mentorship.


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Unfortunately, Covid-19 and other contagious illnesses are spreading therefore we ask you – friends, please, be nice and responsible and if you have any Covid-19 symptoms or symptoms of any other contagious illness, please be cautious and take all needed safety measures and instead of attending the event, please, watch this time recording of the event published afterward.

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