Announcement of “Infrastructure 101” focused 115th

This month we are focusing on Infrastructure and its management. We are also visiting a new place – Cognizant office so do not miss it!

You are welcome to “Infrastructure 101” focused 115th event on Thursday – 23th Febuary 18:30 at Cognizant office – Mūkusalas street 42D, Riga, LV-1004, 4th floor
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Agenda for Infrastructure 101 focused 115th

  • Antons Kranga from EPAM will talk about “How Hubctl helps manage IaC deployments.”
    Those DevOps Engineers who worked with this open-source software may say that Hubctl is making their deployments more efficient.  
    When it comes to deploying an app with multiple components, it is expected that the DevOps tool has several IaC technologies. And here, integration could turn into the most fragile step.
    Hub will manage this glue code while letting DevOps Engineers focus on writing new components. Through Anton’s ups and downs, you’ll learn what techniques here work better and where you’d better save time trying.   
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Kubernetes, Cloud, IaC, automation

    Antons has over 20 years of experience in Engineering: maintaining open sources, and helping global businesses deploy their infrastructure more efficiently. As a DevOps advocate, Antons is always ready for a professional chat.
  • Goran Gjorgievski from Posti will give a talk “Infrastructure and AWS at scale: The story of Posti”
    It is a talk regarding how AWS is utilized to manage around 200 services, 4+ million users and 20+ teams in Posti Group. The speaker will demonstrate how Posti is maintaining and controlling the ‘Infrastructure side’ of a variety of different cross-functional teams, with a unified approach. The presentation will focus on the approach, tools and tech with some concrete examples. It should be fairly comprehendible even for non-hands on IT professionals, however aimed at Software engineers, Infra and DevOps engineers and IT leaders.
    Tags: Infra, Software, Cloudformation, Aws

    Goran Gjorgievski is Head of Software development, with 10 years experience in Software Engineering. Originally coming from North Macedonia, currently living in Finland, he has a Masters in Information technology and is working at Posti Group, one of the biggest logistics companies in the Nordics, while also being active as Technology and leadership consultant.
    Throughout his career, tech-wise Goran has had started his software journey from jQuery, Laravel, Hyper-V, Angular, Java, etc. only to end up been focusing mainly on: Javascript, Typescript, React, GraphQL, AWS, Python.
    His most recent main focus is on building, leading and scaling single and multi-team organisations and software development teams. Focused on: architecture, budgeting, organisation and management, development practices, etc.
    Currently he is managing around 22 teams and responsible for around 80 software engineers.
  • Ebrahim Ramadan from Accenture will give a talk “GitOpsifying Cloud Infra with Crossplane, ArgoCD”
    This is a is a technical talk that covers how to use Git, Crossplane, and ArgoCD for cloud infrastructure management. It will explain how it improves collaboration, version control, auditing, and scaling while reducing human errors. The speaker will demonstrate how to use this approach for managing multi-cloud deployments with a unified interface. Aimed at IT professionals, DevOps engineers, and anyone interested in cloud infrastructure management.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: GitOps, Crossplane, ArgoCD, CloudInfrastructure, MultiCloudDeployments, UnifiedInterface, CloudManagement, InfrastructureAsCode, Automation, CloudNative, Kubernetes

    Ebrahim Ramadan is a Cloud Architect with 13 years of experience in the software industry, specializing in AWS and Kubernetes, with CKA, CKAD, KCNA, and SAA certifications. Strong in leading and managing cross-functional teams, and implementing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines. Seeking new opportunities to improve skills and knowledge. Enjoys watching movies and reading books in his free time.

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We foster creativeness and unconventional ways of doing things welcoming like-minded professionals. Our office in Latvia has celebrated its 1st birthday with the ever-growing team of 130+ innovators inviting you to join.
– Senior Azure DevOps Engineer
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Posti is a modern delivery and fulfillment company. Our HQ is in Helsinki, Finland. Software development center (Posti Messaging Latvia) established in Riga in 2010 to develop group products.

Mitigate is a team of passionate custom software developers who prefer developer oriented environment. Mitigate specialise in tailored made software for medium and large enterprises. Our team is very strong at developing Backend, Front-end solutions, Mobile applications and UX&UI design.
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