Announcement of JavaScript focused 72nd


Since FrontCon is approaching with mostly published program and their workshops we thought that it would good to have FrontEnd focused to warm up.
You are welcome on February 20 at 18:30, Zaļā iela 1, 4th floor (Microsoft Latvia office).

Agenda for FrontEnd focused 72nd

  • Alfreds Genkins and Ilja Lapkovskis from Scandiweb will give a talk “Modern PWA experience with old generation e-comm platform – the reasons, techs and goals”.
    In the last time PWA became another hype word in web development. There are tons of promises, multiple selling-point features, but after all – these are we, technicians, who empowers all these. Right now Scandiweb is about to release first real-life Magento 2 PWA application, which has reworked UI to utilizes power of PWA and why we adopted it into the old stack. During our speech we want to destruct all the hype and marketing to share the tech behind these, new opportunities and ofcourse new challenges:
    – What is PWA and can it be simple with all these cool features and marketing promises
    – How to implement PWA for complex scenarios and highly dynamic applications, i.e. e-commerce platform
    – Real life example – how Scandiweb recreated Magento frontend to make it feel native with React JS and GraphQl
    – Technology and tool market – how it looks in the beginning of 2019.
    (Language –English)
    Tags: e-commerce, PWA, javascript, react, service worker, architecture, single page application, Magento

    Alfred is a young star in frontend world, making his own path from best practice to deep understanding of involved mechanisms. Being big fan of the new technologies, he is proud of being the author of server-less blog “hosted” on AWS.
    Ilja is an expirienced full stack developer, the creator and mastermind behind many ambitious projects developed by Scandiweb. Ilja accepts challenges, masters his tools and enjoys sharing knowledge!

  • Dzulqarnain Nasir from Geta Digital will give a talk “Dependency Injection in JavaScript with InversifyJS”.
    Dependency injection is a programming technique that makes a class independent of its dependencies. It achieves that by decoupling the usage of an object from its creation. This helps you to follow SOLID’s dependency inversion and single responsibility principles. In this presentation, I will demonstrate how this can be achieved in JavaScript using an IoC container library called InversifyJS.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: JavaScript, IoC, Dependency Injection, Inverse of Control

    Dzulqarnain is an aspiring full-stack developer at Geta Digital, who is passionate about web technologies. He writes at

  • Janis Konutis from Visual Composer will give a talk “How we can create content elements with ReactJS (and PHP)”.
    At Visual Composer, we rely on ReactJS to develop content elements. In this talk, we will look into why we choose ReactJS and how to use it to develop independent web components via API.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: JavaScript, ReactJS, frameworks, API

    Janis is a frontend developer at Visual Composer and motocross rider. When not tinkering JavaScript and ReactJS, you can probably spot him riding a bike.


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