Announcement of Kubernetes focused 69th


Kubernetes at the moment is like teenager sex – everybody says that he is doing it, but … 🙂 Therefore we invited people who are doing it to share how it really is.
You are welcome on 22th November at 18:30, Zaļā iela 1, 4th floor (Microsoft Latvia office).

Agenda for Kubernetes focused 69th

    • Artyom Suharev from DYNATECH will give a talk “Kubernetes: The Journey”.
      The story will focus on the development process of Kubernetes, the inception of the idea, its evolution, caveats and the current situation.
      (Language – Russian)
      Tags: Kubernetes, doker, baremetal, cluster, devops

      Artyom leads the DevOps processes within DYNATECH and makes sure company is progressing fast in terms of the development infrastructure.

    • Anton Kranga from Agile Stacks will give a talk “Kubernetes operators for fun and profit!”.
      Microservices deployed as containers in the Kubernetes cluster does not live in the vacuum. Often, Site Reliability Engineers or Kubernetes native applications talks to each other services in the cluster through the special API, which allows operators to react and perform an automated operation. Such as: revert to latest snapshot, reconfigure cache, gracefully down-scale application etc.
      This talk will guide through the notion of Kubernetes Operators. Share some recipes to write your own operator and share some experienced gathered though several years professionally operating Kubernetes clusters.
      (Language – English)
      Tags: Kuberneres, operators, microservices, Golang

      Antons is a passionate DevOps evangelist and cloud architect. Enjoys to automate-everything and a specially Kubernetes. Likes to inspire and be inspired by talking in technology conferences.

    • Joonathan Mägi DevOps practices lead from Topia will give a talk “Continuous Delivery the Cloud Native way using Spinnaker and Kubernetes”.
      This session will cover the Cloud Native continuous delivery methodologies built on Kubernetes and Spinnaker using the new manifest based Kubernetes (v2) provider. We will look on how Spinnaker will orchestrate the deployments to multiple environments and use manifest parameterization and hydration.
      (Language – English)
      Tags: cloud-native, kubernetes, spinnaker, continuous-delivery

      is a DevOps practice lead and Cloud Native specialist with CKAD certification at Topia. His previous experiences include being employee #1 at Teleport and leading the platform engineering at Skype.


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