Announcement of Machine Learning focused 101st ONLINE

There is kind of hype around ML, therefor we decided to make one more ML focused event. You are welcome to Machine Learning focused 101st on November 25 at 18:00.
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Agenda for Machine Learning focused 101st

  • Antons Mislēvičs from CTCo will give a talk on So you want to be a Machine Learning engineer?“.
    Training machine learning models is fun. Bringing your model into production to see how it works in real scenario with real data is even more fun. Doing this consistently as a factory for large enterprise customers becomes a tough job. In this session we will share how CTCo approaches ML projects, what role do ML engineers play in this process, and how are they different from Data Scientists.
    (Language: English)
    Tags: Machine Learning, ML Engineering

    Antons is a Head of AI / Machine Learning at CTCo. Before joining CTCo he spent 10 years working as a technical consultant at Microsoft Consulting Services. He had participated in various projects of different scale and complexity in over 15 countries, designing solution architectures and supporting developers. Antons holds a PhD degree in Engineering of Computer Systems and is a regular speaker at conferences and community events.

  • Dmitry Balabka from Intexsys will give a talk A Practical Overview of AutoML for Tabular Data“.
    Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) became popular in recent years, focusing on cost reduction for building an ML pipeline. The following scientists’ daily tasks can be partially or fully automated: data preparation, feature engineering, model generation, and model estimation. We will briefly overview the existing AutoML solutions and show a practical example based on our winning solution for Sussex-Huawei Locomotion Challenge 2021. In particular, we will discuss how to train a classifier model using Google AutoML Tables for tabular data effectively and with minimal effort.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: AutoML, Machine Learning

    Dmitry has an M-shaped skillset that combines Data Science expertise and more than ten years of experience in Web development as a Software Architect and Engineer.
  • Pēteris Pakalns from LMT will give a talk “Development of an unmanned aerial vehicle computer vision solution for parabolic antenna inspection”.
    This talk will discuss the inner workings of a solution that can recognize parabolic antennas. The processed information is used to navigate the drone in front of the antenna to execute further measurements. The presenter will focus on the solution idea and applied computer vision and machine learning algorithms. He will also look into the used software and typical problems while developing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: unmanned aerial vehicle, computer vision, drones, machine learning

    Pēteris Pakalns started his engineering journey by actively participating in competitive programming competitions and training camps. He has participated in International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals twice, where his team obtained 20th and 41st places. He is involved in the organization of the Latvian Informatics Olympiad. Professionally he likes to work on technical tasks and their implementation. At present, he has been extending his knowledge about developing computer vision solutions in LMT. He is very excited about the Rust programming language and its ease of use.

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