Announcement of Microservices focused 92nd ONLINE

This time let’s talk about Microservices.
You are welcome to Microservices focused 92nd on January 28 at 18:00.
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Agenda for Microservices focused 92nd

  • Aleksandrs Krjukovs from Mintos will give a talk about starting a payments solution from scratch.
    Aleksandrs will talk about the payment handling and AML domains, the thought process behind some architectural decisions and the approach to automation:
    * microservices vs monolith in a greenfield project
    * service communication approach
    * focus on automation – continuous deployment, automated acceptance testing
    (Language – English)
    Tags: payments, microservices, messaging, cicd

    Aleksandrs is the project development team’s team lead and is working at Mintos since team formation. 
  • Valery Leushin from F3 will give a talk about making microservices backend using GRPC, his experience of orchestrating and running it in production.
    F3 is a Latvian startup, social network with more than 25M users worldwide, build and maintained by a small team of developers. Valery will share some of its technical secrets. Talk will touch on GRPC, its best practices, design decisions, functional composition using RxJava, basic resilience patterns with Resilience4j.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: microservices, GRPC, Protobuf, Java, RxJava, Resilience4j, F3

    Valery is CTO at F3 and is a principal developer.

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