Announcement of Microservices focused 95th ONLINE

Microservices are so actual that we decided to make one more event about it.
You are welcome to Microservices focused 95th on April 29 at 18:00.
Please register on
Last time we tried Clubhouse room for “Kitchen talks”, but seems, that not so many people in LV have iPhone and therefore can’t access Clubhouse. This time we will make a separate room in Hopin platform for “Kitchen talks”. No need to specially register somewhere, just come to the event and we will explain more how that works.

Agenda for Microservices focused 95th

  • Oleksandr Melnychenko and Volodymyr Khrystianovskyy from Accenture Latvia will give a talk “Circuit breaker in highly loaded systems.
    The talk is about the problems to be solved with “Circuit breaker” pattern in Microservices, overview of the existing solutions with that pattern. We will share real-life experience working with that pattern and will demo how the microservice platform stability and performance could be improved with “Circuit breaker”.
    The theme will be interesting for the architects, developers and every one who involved in building the microservice systems.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Microservices, resilience, circuit breaker, highly loaded systems.

    Volodymyr is technology architect from Accenture, with experience of designing and building microservice-based solutions.
    Oleksandr is a senior software developer from Accenture experienced in developing highly loaded cloud based microservice systems
  • Oleg Anastasyev from Odnoklassniki will give a talk “Efficient and reliable microservices“.
    In this talk Oleg will try to cover the advantages of stateful vs stateless microservices, discuss how statefulness affects reliability and accessibility of services and how it helps to build faster applications. We’ll go step-by-step through building a stateful application service, delving into its architecture, major components as well as significant challenges and their solutions.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Reliability, Stateful-Systems, Microservices, Cassandra 

    Oleg is a principal engineer at Odnoklassniki ( His primary responsibilities are development of architectures and solutions for highly loaded as well as big data services, solving performance and availability problems. His lastest successful projects include NewSQL ACID compliant distributed fault-tolerant database and private cloud system to help manage the whole fleet of Odnoklassniki machines.

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