Announcement of Quality Assurance focused 94th ONLINE

You asked for Quality Assurance, here it comes.
You are welcome to QA focused 94th on March 25 at 18:00.
Please register on
In addition to Hopin event we will have also Clubhouse room for “kitchen talks” which is meant to be place where we can simply chat without any specific topic (maybe discuss something what speakers have talked about, maybe just kill time while not so interesting talk is passing, maybe just talk with somebody outside your household). If you are not in Clubhouse yet, here is Secret Clubhouse invite link for 10 people (first come, first get) (at the moment only iOs devices are supported 🙁 ).

Agenda for Quality Assurance focused 94th

  • Andrei Solntsev from Codeborne will give a talk Flaky tests.
    The talk is about flaky, or unstable tests – why it’s the biggest trouble in test automation and how to overcome it. I will show my collection of real examples of flaky tests from my experience. These are really tricky investigations that lasted many days, weeks and even years!
    The talk will be interesting to both testers and developers – anyone who loves to solve unsolvable puzzles.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Test Automation, Puzzlers, Headache, Nightmare, Continuous Delivery. 

    Andrei is a software developer at Codeborne, Estonian unique software development shop practicing test-driven development, pair programming and other XP techniques. Andrei is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetups. 
  • Ivan Krutov from Aerokube will give a talk “Browser Automation Infrastructure: Uniform approach from workstation to cluster“.
    Testing web application in real browsers is very important because that’s the only way to check that your product works on the user side in the expected way. In this talk Ivan will analyse what are the most important things to be considered while building efficient browser automation infrastructure. You wil understand why Kubernetes is very useful for running tests in browsers. You will see how to deploy such infrastructure with Moon solution so it works in the same way both on your workstation and in big cluster in the cloud.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Selenium, Browser Automation, Kubernetes, Playwright, Puppeteer, Moon

    Ivan is a Java and Golang software developer with more than 10 years of experience. Working with large-scale software testing infrastructure for more than 7 years. Maintaining a big Selenium cluster with 5000+ browsers running in parallel. One of core developers of Selenoid and Moon software.
  • Artūrs Jānis Pētersons from Loadero will give a talk on “Load testing for small projects“.
    Load testing is a topic that most projects skip to push product to market sooner, because it costs more money and maybe everything will be fine anyway. In practice we hear about products suffering from load related problems almost every day. This talk will focus on load testing cases for small projects and will give some tips based on experience on optimizing the load tests and executing them more efficiently. 
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Load testing, Automation, Site reliability 

    Artūrs is CTO at Loadero, a startup based in Latvia that is working on SaaS for load testing web applications. Being with Loadero from the very first day, he has gathered real-world experience in load testing different applications. Artūrs has received a degree in Computer Science from University of Edinburgh, and is hands-on participating in the development and testing activities happening in the company.

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