Announcement of Quantum focused 122th


This month, on a WEDNESDAY, we are meeting to explore a hot topic and what is often thought to be a future problem solver – quantum.

You are welcome to Quantum focused event on WEDNESDAY – September 27th 18:30, at Microsoft office – Zaļā iela 1, 4th floor

Agenda for Quantum focused 122th

  • Maksims Dimitrijevs from the Center for Quantum Computing Science at the University of Latvia will give a talk on “Quantum computers and quantum programming”
    Quantum computers are a hot topic, and society thinks that breakthroughs in quantum computation can help us to solve many problems and improve the quality of life. The possible usefulness of quantum computers attracts many people into the area of quantum computation, and a lot of effort is put from both theoretical and practical sides to speed up advances in quantum computation.
    Today we will have an introduction to the topics of quantum computers and quantum programming. We will first check the basics of quantum phenomena and how these effects are used to perform the computation. We will see how ideas of quantum computers emerged and answer the following questions. What is a quantum computer? How can it be programmed? Which tasks can we solve on it? Are we there yet? Regarding the last question, we will check the market of quantum computing.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Quantum Computers, Quantum Programming

    Maksims defended his PhD thesis on topics related to probabilistic computation, and after that transitioned to the area of quantum computation. The first steps in the direction of quantum computation were taken in courses of Prof. Andris Ambainis at the University of Latvia. The next active steps in the quantum journey started with QDrive project, where Maksims was teaching the basics of quantum programming to enthusiasts in different countries. The QDrive project resulted in the foundation of QWorld Association, and Maksims is one of the co-founders. Currently, Maksims works at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Computing as a docent and researcher.
  • Aleksandrs Belovs from the Center for Quantum Computing Science at the University of Latvia will give a talk on “Quantum Algorithms in our Life.”
    There has been a lot of different misconceptions surrounding the field of quantum computation. In this talk, we will try to give a very high-level non-specialist-friendly explanation of the essence of quantum computation. In particular, we will touch on the Shor’s algorithm that breaks the RSA cryptosystem, and demonstrate that the main ideas behind this algorithm have been used with astonishing success for more than a century.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Quantum Computation, Shor’s Algorithm, RSA

    Aleksandrs is an associate professor at the Faculty of Computing and a leading researcher at the Center for Quantum Computing Science of the University of Latvia. His main research interests lie in understanding the fundamental powers and limitations of quantum computers.
  • Mārtiņš Kālis from the Center for Quantum Computing Science at the University of Latvia will give a talk on “Testing quantum annealing assisted machine learning.”
    When two fields intersect, our goal is to harness the strengths of both to create something remarkable. Yet, frequently, we are severely limited by the combined constraints of those fields. This is the case of quantum machine learning. Mārtiņš will demonstrate some of the hurdles you need to overcome to use the current generation of quantum devices even in toy machine learning applications. He will also show some glimmers of hope that keep the near-term quantum machine learning dream alive.
    Tags: Quantum Computing, Machine Learning

    Mārtiņš is a researcher trying to keep a cool head at the intersection of two hot fields — quantum computing and machine learning..

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