Announcement of UI/UX focused 107th

We are now in kind of a summer trip – every next event in the closest months will be in a different location. This time MAK IT will host us and the theme of the event will be UX/UI.
You are welcome to UI/UX focused event on July 7 at 18:30, at Gustava Zemgala gatve 74a, Jaunā Teika, office building Henrihs, A entrance, floor 10.
Please register here.

Agenda for UI/UX focused 107th

  • Gundars Celmiņš from MAKIT will give a talk “UI Design for non designers“.
    Developers often faces design challanges and feels unconfortable solving them and/or are unsatisfied with the results. Whether it’s some internal admin panel for your system, implementing design from template page or creating your own project, sometimes you are left with design decisions whithout a designer around and you want to make best out of it. Gundars will go through most common design mistakes and how to fix them. He will show examples how small details can make a big difference and what to pay attention to for better overall design perception, improved UI development and collaboration with designers.
    (Language – Latvian)
    Tags: Design, user interface, design systems

    Gundars holds the position of the Lead UI/UX designer at MAKIT and works in close collaboration with developers on many projects. He has spent the last 10 years working with UI design gradually focusing more on business critical system UI/UX and product design. Gundars likes to spend his free time doing various board sports and sailing.
  • Krišjānis Mežulis from Mapon will give a talk “Defining a goal before Designing a solution”.
    A brief view into how we at Mapon maximize product design to impact our clients and boost their effectiveness. The process of information gathering before opening and creating a new artboard in Figma. Being open to radical ideas and how to provocate both clients and project managers in a productive way. Designing and validating ideas that become prototypes and in the end successful products. 
    (Language – English)
    Tags: product design, user experience, design

    Krišjānis holds the position of the Lead Product Designer at Mapon and is working on designing fleet management solutions and other core product design made by Mapon. He began his path as an Art Director in multiple agencies and slowly moved to a more product-focused approach to design. Krišjānis joined Draugiem Group 8 years ago and worked on multiple projects that were only at the early stage of development at that time. Then, after 3 years, he became a part of the rapidly-growing Mapon team and worked on reforming the entire product design approach. In his free time, Krišjānis enjoys pushing his limits in orienteering and organizing rogaining races.

  • Nikita Tihonovs from Intexsys will give a talk “UI/UX Benchmarking: a thorny path towards having trustworthy a/b test results”
    Nikita will share how a 800 million US company went from applying best practices and intuitive solutions to a fully data-driven UX approach, in particular – about A/B testing.  A/B testing has been around for 2 centuries, but is it really that simple? Is there a silver bullet like simply adding Google Optimize to your website? You will hear a story of 3 years stepping on every possible rake that has finally led us to having a complete and precise process. This keynote is a practical guide on how NOT to screw up when planning an a/b test, running it, and analyzing the results. 
    (Language — English)
    Tags: UI/UX, a/b testing

    Nikita is Principal Product Owner at Intexsys/Ecentria Solutions Riga, head of UI/UX and working with 2 development teams. He has more than 10 years of project management experience in IT, eCommerce and Forex.

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