Endomondo Challenge

We know that IT professionals have sedentary lifestyle by definition and we want to help you to be more motivated to deal with it.
So – if you are doing some sports or just doing some kind of physical activities to deal with sedentary lifestyle and want to compete with others or just have healthy and friendly motivation, join Endomondo Challenge.

To help you to be more motivated and participate in challenge our sponsors have provided some gifts:

  1. Geta Digital‘s philosophy is “Work smart, not hard” and therefore they provide prize to help us “Workout smart, not hard“. Prize is 100 Eur worth “Complex test of physical load” at Latvijas Olimpiskā vienība, to help to understand how your body copes with physical load and provide you with information about your Aerobic and Anaerobic heart rate zones, so you can train in smart and best way for your body, health and sports results.
    This prize is thought for people who do sports.
    This prize will get absolute winner of challenge (except activities like “step counting” “walking” and others with proportionally little sports vs time).
  2. Tieto and Intrum Justitia provides us with motivational gifts – sports bottle, sports bags, reflectors. These will be drawn between all participants of challenge. Every collected minute will be as a lottery ticket. So – the more minutes you will collect within challenge, the higher are challenges to get some of gifts.







Everybody from LV who is related to software development can participate.

To participate in challenge you have to track your physical activities with Endomondo or synchronize them from other activity trackers to Endomondo.


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